Geocomposites GTX

Geocomposites GTX

The geocompost NUMAPOL GTX consists of a Geomembrane HDPE sealed to a non-woven polypropylene geotextile on one side or both.

The process of heat these two elements together results in a unique product with superior technical characteristics of the two elements mounted separately and working independently. To this must be added a faster and easier installation, which certainly increases the quality of the finish of the final product as it reduces product handling work.

Complies with the UNE EN-13361/2-13491-13492/3-15382


Among the advantages of this product emphasize that waterproof of geomembrane is always protected by geotextile avoiding punching problems in handling and in his service life, giving it mechanical properties that not have both separately.

Another advantage is superior friction angle to other solutions based on estrucured or texturised geomembranes so you can increase the slope of the embankments where will cover it with topsoil or concrete easily.

Likewise, positioned horizontally on a platform, the effect of having a coefficient of friction greater than a polyethylene sheet and a geotextile acting individually means that, for example, can allow small movement of trucks on land tiers located directly on the NUMAPOL GTX without any slippage of the land on geocomposite.

Finally include reduced installation costs by not having to ballast the geotextile during installation to avoid the effects of wind and improve end installed product quality by reducing handling.

Some geocomposite applications:

geocompuesto Replacing soil stabilized with lime

geocompuesto para cuentas vegetales Roadside vegetation

geocompuesto terraplen Encapsulation of embankments

geotextil Improving bearing capacity

drenaje con geocompuesto Horizontal drainage embankments

mueros verdes Green walls

impermeabilizacion geocompuesto Horizontal waterproofing of an embankment

lamina impermeable Waterproofing of embankment slopes

lamina geocompuesto impermeable Waterproofing of channels

numa industrial gtx Waterproofing of Landfills

laminas con geotextil Waterproofing of dams

Geocomposites GTX documentation

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