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High density polyethylene Geomembranes

High density polyethylene geomembranes HDPE are used as a waterproof barrier for all types of hydraulic work like water reservoirs for agriculture, canals, treatment plants, settling ponds, evaporation ponds, farms, golf courses etc

This type of polyethylene geomembranes are used in projects related to the environment as a barrier to contain liquid or solid contaminants such as waste landfills, leachate, slurry, mining waste, protection against leaks in petrochemical industries, airports, harbours, etc..

They are used as well in civil engineering in railway constructions, roads, walls, tunnels, pavements, etc.

Complies with the UNE EN-13361/2-13491-13492/3-15382


NUMAPOL HDPE geomembrane is manufactured by extrusion in a flat die and calender, made from high density polyethylene premium (97.5%) and carbon black (2.5%) plus antioxidants, which gives excellent weather resistance and a high level of stress cracking.

Why choose Numapol Hdpe Geomembranes?

Our product differs from others to care for the details that our customers ask for, for example, in our bobbins we use inner tube of hard plastic which has good mechanical properties, don't crushes and can get wet without get soft and deform, also the plastic inner tube behaves very well on all bobbin unwinding devices on site. Also we mark all the bobbins ( apart printing with ink) with laser engraving so you do not miss the traceability of the blade across its lifetime, each 2 square meter plate has a marking indicating the code of the coil and the meter that corresponds to the total length of the coil. Also we mark all the bobbins (apart printing with ink) with laser engraving so you do not miss the traceability of the geomembrane in its lifetime, every two square meters has a marking indicating the code of the bobbin and the meter that corresponds in the total length of the bobbin. We also printed on the sheet, a reference line to overlap the pieces, as an aid in installation.

Latest technology and the best resins are used in manufacture, providing to geomembrane NUMAPOL very good mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation, tear and punching), chemical properties (resistance to organic solvents and inorganic) and a good weldability.

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