PVC membrane - NUMAPOL PVC membrane

Sheet of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

The sheet of polyvinyl chloride is used as waterproof barrier in construction for all types of roofs, terraces, walls also in civil engineering in vertical, tunnels or small hydraulic works and water tanks lining (metallics or concrete), ornamental lakes, ponds, pools, golf courses etc..

NUMAPOL PVC sheets are manufactured with or without UV protection according to the intended application, if the application requires that the film is exposed to the sun apply NUMAPOL I (UV resistant) if instead the sheet will be covered with another material so that is not exposed to sunlight apply NUMAPOL NI.

Complies with the UNE EN-13361/2-13491-13492/3-15382


The sheet or membrane NUMAPOL PVC is manufactured by extrusion in a flat die and calender, made from Polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, and stabilizers giving good weather resistance, high flexibility and very good weldability, besides being a self-extinguishing material.

In manufacturing the latest technology is used and the best resins, which gives the sheet NUMAPOL PVC good mechanical properties in a variety of thicknesses and colors.

Our membrane NUMAPOL PVC can be welded perfectly with hot air blower. You can also use our special glue to paste our sheets, NUMACOL.

Technical details about placement (singular points)

No Outdoor:
colocacion de laminas de pvc General details
colocacion laminas pvc no intemperie Particular details

laminas pvc para balsas General water dam details

Documentation about PVC sheets

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